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You have heard that engaging posts are king on facebook. If your facebook channel is stagnant, then this is why. The need for engaging posts is not a secret. Many presuppose that it’s an effortless job. But the fact is, it takes time and effort to produce a post. And to make it an engaging one will take even more effort and time. On top of that, it will be a trial and error process. As you can see, its a job and we are willing to do it for you.

We can help you by creating engaging posts that work for us and apply them to your facebook page. Here is a sample of our work.

IQ Games

Detective Games

Word Search

These type of posts have proven to work to create a minimum of x100 more engagement. They worked for us, go and check out our page and see for yourself. Obviously, this is an ongoing process, and this will not solve all your marketing issues. But it will boost it and make your dollar work harder for you. If you were paying $5-$10 to reach 1,000 people that would not produce any engagement, an engaging post would reach 10,000+ people.



Option 1: I just want the engaging posts

1 month – $400

3 month – $1,000

6 month – $1,800

1 year – $2,500


Option 2: I want an ad per week with an engaging post

1 month – $500

3 month – $1,200

6 month – $2,000

1 year – $3,000


Option 3: Manage my facebook ads account



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